This free to play zombie survival game features Minecraft-like graphics and exciting gameplay for your PC

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Unturned is a first-person shooter and survival game that takes place in a zombie-infested world. The game uses the blocky pixellated graphics style of Minecraft. This makes the horror aspects of the game a little less intimidating since everything has an almost cartoonish appearance. The graphics are colorful although they do not always seem consistent. The blocky appearance of objects is sometimes abandoned for items like weapon scopes and trees.

The game has a very familiar play style that most gamers will understand immediately. The controls are what you would typically find in a first-person shooter. You can walk, sprint and crawl. You can jump and kneel. The mouse controls the direction where you are looking, aiming or walking. The mouse button activates your weapon. Everything works very smoothly within the game world.

Unturned starts players alone in the wilderness. The map is a vast, open world filled with fields, hills and small towns. Zombies are located everywhere. You begin the game with basically nothing in your inventory. You must scour the landscape looking for everything from weapons to basic resources like rocks. Your inventory can fill up quickly making managing space a serious part of the game.

Combat is simple and intuitive. Several weapons are available in the game from axes to sniper rifles. The weapons can be found in buildings or just lying on the ground. The zombies in the game are sometimes difficult to kill even with a firearm. They tend to pursue you relentlessly once you find them. This can lead to situations where you are being chased down by a growing mob of zombies with no hope of defeating them all.

A second part of Unturned is the crafting system. You can collect resources from the environment by doing things like chopping down trees. You use those resources to start building defensive structures. The goal is to create a fortified base where you can survive. The base will help to keep zombies away while you pick them off with your ranged weapons.

Unturned can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode. Single-player mode is very challenging since you are completely alone. Multiplayer mode lets you connect to common online servers to play with or against other live people. You could join a server where everyone is working cooperatively to defeat the zombies. Alternately, some servers are competitive so that other players will constantly be attacking you.

Unturned has some depth that many other horror survival games do not. You can find and use vehicles of all types. Community feedback is taken seriously often shaping development goals. The crafting system is simple but interesting. The main problem with the game is that it brings nothing new to the genre. Everything in Unturned has been done before frequently in more interesting ways. It is still one of the most popular games around today. Unturned is worth a look for anyone who enjoys horror survival games.


  • Distinctive graphics style
  • In-depth gameplay
  • Fun multiplayer mode


  • Nothing original in the game
  • Picking up objects can be very difficult

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